Company History

In 1993, we founded our parent company (Intellectual Property Development, Inc.) to acquire and commercialize patents and pending patent applications through licensing or sales. Because every such acquisition carries with it some possibility of future patent infringement litigation, we developed a meticulous due diligence process for assessing the scope and validity of the intellectual property for each of the investment opportunities that we reviewed.

Over the years, we used this same expertise to create a unique methodology for analyzing ongoing patent infringement litigation. In 2003, we founded IPD Analytics, LLC (“IPD”) as a subsidiary to specifically concentrate on delivering these analytical services to clients in the financial community.

Our one-of-a-kind process involves deep fundamental research into patent infringement lawsuits that may affect the market value of public companies. Our process enables our clients to understand the most important aspects of a particular lawsuit. Our process also promotes a greater degree of accuracy when predicting the outcome and timing of significant court decisions that may have a binary effect on a company’s stock price.

Our research also allows our clients to understand the competitive value of particular patents and patent portfolios that may not necessarily be involved in ongoing litigation, but may play a role in defining a company’s market position in the industry.

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